Funday Monday!

Funday Monday

I stole borrowed this idea from Sean "Day9" Plott of Starcraft fame, in which a normally serious program is replaced with one for pure entertainment. Each Monday, I will be posting an entry (with one or two videos) on fun things we happen to do to show the lighter side of the martial arts.

[Disclaimer] The videos in these posts are in no way meant to disrespect the arts or the people who are involved in them. Those of you who know us in person realize how serious we treat the training and the organization that maintain these arts. I'd like to apologize in advance if anyone is offended. Thank you for your patience.

All Funday Monday! posts can be found on this page for easy reference:

Iaido Re-enactment on vacation in Japan

Gan-Ryu: Counters to Seitei

Gan-Ryu: Counters to Eishin-Ryu



Training Videos

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