MMKDG (Mu Mon Kai Discussion Group)
"The more you train, the more you learn, the more you realize how little you actually know"
This one fact, perhaps above all others, is what gives the martial arts such an unending appeal. Besides the external, visible movements, there are also many internal, physiological features and mental practices that add another dimension to Iaido and Kyudo theory.

Normally, 2nd dojo is where such theory discussions are held. Unfortunately our class time-slots are not favourable for this common practice. With that in mind, we decided to start an Iaido discussion group before class on Sundays. Posts on the blog will recap our conversations.

[Disclaimer] Comments and opinions may have been influenced in the transcription process and may not align exactly to those who originally spoke them. These notes are meant to examine perspectives on Iaido related topics and to stimulate further thought.

MMKDG #1 "Kokyu"

MMKDG #2 "Iaigoshi"

MMKDG #3 "Grading for 4 Dan"

MMKDG #4 "Video Analysis of three 8 Dans"

MMKDG #5 "The Feeling in a Kata's Scenario"

MMKDG #6 "Our Mindsets during Keiko"

MMKDG #7 "In the Presence of Masters"