Monday, 26 September 2011

Funday Monday! Series #1-1 Re-Enactment...

I stole borrowed this idea from Sean "Day9" Plott of Starcraft fame, in which a normally serious program is replaced with one for pure entertainment. Starting this week, and each Monday after, I will be posting an entry (with one or two videos) on fun things we do with Iaido.

[Disclaimer] The videos you are about to see are in no way meant to disrespect the arts or anyone who does them. Those of you who know us in person should realize how serious we treat the training and the organization that maintain these arts. I'd like to apologize in advance if anyone is offended. Thank you for your patience.

Iaido Re-Enactment in Japan... Part 1 of 2

It was during our 2007 trip to Japan when we started thinking how our Iaido training would work in a real world environment. While the All Japan Kendo Federation has an official book describing each Seitei kata, it is in the Koryu that we feel the techniques come to life.

One leg of our journey took us deep into the mountains of Koyasan where we visited the famed Mausolea of the Tokugawas. Our morning and evening meals were in the shrine that we stayed at, who's dining room was surprisingly comfortable.  Sitting on the soft cushions on top of tatami was incredibly relaxing after a long day of walking, of course, this meant it was the perfect time to strike!

The Omori-ryu (MJER Shoden set) Kata called Hidari describes:

"An enemy is sitting 90 degrees to your right. Perform nukitsuke while turning towards him. Without hesitation, bring the sword above your head and finish him with Kirioroshi."

The Eishin-ryu (MJER Chuden set) Kata called Iwanami describes:

"An enemy is sitting 90 degrees to your right. To avoid his detection, you begin by drawing your sword down, while taking a step backwards. As your kissaki leaves the koiguchi, you quickly turn towards him, and through this motion (or a stomp) he reacts and turns toward you. Immediately stab him and in one motion, drag him down to the ground. Finish with Kirioroshi."

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