Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What A Summer!

And we're back!

After 4 weeks in Japan, then another week in California, our summer of Iaido and Kyudo has finally come to an end.

Last week, we spent time in Davis, California, at the 17th American Kyudo Seminar. Our KAC president, Motomasa Mori, has a writeup on the KAC website: http://www.kyudo.ca/2012/08/post-seminar-thoughts/. My post will be coming after I've completed write-ups of our last couple days in Japan.

The training has been absolutely amazing these past two months. We practiced with, and received instruction from, so many high-level, Japan-trained, Sensei, and it has opened our eyes to immeasurable possibilities. The experience will not soon be forgotten.

Instructors list:
Satoh Tadashi - Kyudo Kyoshi 6 Dan - Tamano, Okayama
Tanaka Chotaro - Kyudo Kyoshi 6 Dan - Tamano, Okayama
Satoh Kaoru - Kyudo Hanshi 8 Dan - Tamano, Okayama
Hatakenaka Atsumi - Iaido Kyoshi 8 Dan - Tokyo
Tsubaki Fumio - Iaido Kyoshi 7 dan - Tokyo
Kohama Sumiko - Kyudo Kyoshi 6 Dan - Narita, Chiba
Watanabe Harumi - Kyudo Kyoshi 7 Dan - Chiba
Akiyama Terumi - Kyudo Hanshi 8 Dan - American Kyudo Seminar
Kubota Kiyoshi - Kyudo Hanshi 8 Dan - American Kyudo Seminar
Sakuma Tsuyoshi - Kyudo Hanshi 8 Dan - American Kyudo Seminar

Only two major events remain for this year:

1) The 1st Mu Mon Kai Iaido Championships: We are already looking at a record number of attendees. For the first time (that I'm aware of) we will have participants from south of the border, including Tom Hooper-Sensei (Renshi 6 Dan) and Pam Parker-Sensei (Renshi 6 Dan) as guest judges. If you are in the area on the weekend of September 15, please drop by to visit. Or better yet, participate! ^_^ It's open to all members of the International Kendo Federation. Details and registration can be found here: http://mmkiaidotaikai.blogspot.ca/

2) The Eastern Canada Iaido Shinsa: Occurring on the first weekend of December, Michael and I should be challenging for 4 Dan. It's been three years since our last grading so we're looking forward to the experience once again.

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