Monday, 19 November 2012

2012 Fall JCCC Tameshigiri Seminar

Our Iaido club has been a member of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) since it's move to the current location back in 2000. Being one of many clubs that offer instruction in the traditional martial arts, we've always had a cordial relationship with each of our dojo mates; often engaging in friendly conversations between classes.

Besides providing a high quality facility for training, the centre brings people together so that we not only share the space, but a sense of cooperativeness and community between clubs. Together, we strive to better ourselves through the practice of the traditional Japanese martial arts (Budo).

In the history of Budo, there is no weapon more revered than the Japanese sword, the Katana. Many of the arts that are extant today either use the katana (Iaido, Kenjutsu) or are based on it's application (Kendo, Aikido). However, it is with Tameshigiri, the art of test cutting, where one truly experiences the feelings of wielding this beautiful and deadly weapon. While Tameshigiri training can be a serious test of one's ability, it can also be a fun and interesting experience for someone new to the sword arts.

With the aim of introducing our fellow JCCC budo friends to the way of the sword and to share in the good times, we decided to replace our regular free practice time slot with a joint Tameshigiri seminar. For some of the participants, it was their first time using a shinken, but our experienced instructors and seniors were patient and kind in guiding each person to safe and positive results.

The smiles say it all

For one afternoon, it made no difference whether we practiced Aikido, Kendo, Kyudo, or Iaido. We were all members of the same community, the same culture, and the same family. The JCCC family.

I'm proud to continue this journey through Budo with such a great group of people. Until next year, Cheers!~

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