Sunday, 2 December 2012

2012 Fall CKF Iaido Grading

On Saturday, December 1, 2012, the Canadian Kendo Federation - Eastern Iaido Shinsa was held at the Etobicoke Olympium. Over 60 practitioners from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, braved the chilly morning to test their Iai.

The day started with a pre-grading seminar, used mostly as a reminder for the key points one should be prepared to show. It is also an excellent opportunity for the challengers to see the judges in a less stressful environment, and hopefully provide a calming presence before the start of the "festivities".

Almost one third of those grading were represented by our dojo, Mu Mon Kai, and it was exciting to see other members show up to cheer their companions on.
Rank challengers from Mu Mon Kai
Goyo Ohmi-sensei (Chief Examiner) ensured that each group had one or two judges to oversee their preparation:
  • Kyu challengers were assigned to Stephen Cruise-sensei (Renshi 7 Dan)
  • 1 Dan challengers were assigned to Edward Chart-sensei and Tracy Sheppar-sensei (5 Dan)
  • 2 Dan challengers were assigned to Carole Galligan-sensei (Renshi 6 Dan) and Peter Schramek-sensei (5 Dan)
  • 3 Dan challengers were assigned to Eric Tribe-sensei (Renshi 6 Dan) and Enore Gardonio (5 Dan)
  • 4 & 5 Dan challengers were assigned to Kim Taylor-sensei (Renshi 7 Dan)
Following the seminar, an official presentation of Kyoshi was awarded to Ohmi-sensei as well as a very nicely framed calligraphy from Montreal.

...and so, let the grading begin!
Ohmi-Sensei officially receives his Kyoshi shogo
Challengers assemble!
The shitei waza were posted about 30 minutes before the start. Sighs of relief and gasps of dismay were heard as each group went up to see which kata they were to perform in front of the judges.

Overall, most individuals sounded happy that they didn't have to do #11 Sou Giri, except for 5 Dan.

Before too long, it was our time to step on the floor. Focused and determined faces, with a hint of nervousness for just under six minutes, to relaxed and confident in just under six minutes.
Let's do this!
Young'uns - 5 Dan, 4 Dan, 1 Dan from Mu Mon Kai
The results were posted shortly after the 5 Dan's had completed their embu and the celebration began. Successful challengers were showered with handshakes and hugs, while unsuccessful ones showed excellent Budo spirit and sportsmanship, re-dedicating themselves to training for next time.

And just like that, Canadian Iaido has grown by another year. The upper ranks were bolstered by two talented and committed 5 Dans, while the base level of Iai has seen significant improvement. A notable sign of things to come in our country.

  • 1 Kyu - 16/17 (94%) - Mu Mon Kai 4/4
  • 1 Dan - 14/15 (93%) - Mu Mon Kai 6/6
  • 2 Dan - 15/15 (100%) - Mu Mon Kai 1/1
  • 3 Dan - 9/11 (82%) - Mu Mon Kai 3/4
  • 4 Dan - 1/3 (33%) - Mu Mon Kai 1/2
  • 5 Dan - 3/4 (75%) - Mu Mon Kai 2/3

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