Monday, 3 October 2011

Funday Monday! Series #1-2 Re-Enactment...

Iaido Re-Enactment in Japan... Part 2 of 2
(See part 1:

Our trip continued in Kyoto where we visited a few of the local temples and old castles; most of them beautifully restored to the glory of the past. This created a perfect setting for us to see and feel how the hundred year old techniques we've been learning would have played out in their original environment.

The Oku-Iai (MJER Okuden set) Kata called Tanashita describes:

"You're sitting under a porch watching as your enemy approaches. Staying hidden underneath, draw your sword close to your body and be ready to strike. At the right moment, step out from the porch and perform kirioroshi, dispatching him in a single blow."

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