Monday, 5 December 2011

Funday Monday! Series #3-7 Sword from the Sky

It was not longer an trip for exploration, but a fight for survival. The Emperor's best samurai were being taken down one-by-one at the sword of the one man they were searching for. 

There was no running. The dense forests were like a maze that constantly changes, as if the trees themselves, were moving at the will of the master of this land. Attempts to lay markers, to indicate paths previously taken, quickly and mysteriously disappeared into thin air.

There was no hiding. Whether climbing into the thick foliage of the thousand year old trees, or burrowing deep into the soft soil, the expedition crew were violently forced out of their camping grounds by the fierce creatures of the forest.

And so it came down to another encounter. Again, The Gan did not carry a sword. Experience would now tell us that this would not matter. It would be fatal to underestimate the situation. Unfortunately, the brave soldier sitting across from him would not have the opportunity to learn from this mistake. 

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