Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Seikyu Kai - Gingerbread Kyudojo

The JCCC hosted their Winter Family Festival this year on Saturday, December 11. The annual highlight was a Gingerbread House Decorating Contest. Staff, volunteers, and members were given the opportunity to create teams to represent their disciplines at the JCCC.

Lead by a few enterprising individuals, the JCCC Kyudo Club (Seikyu Kai) jumped at the chance to flex their creative muscles. Members of our team split various duties including purchasing materials, baking, molding, assembling, transporting, and of course, accepting our prize. =P

It was decided early on that the best way to represent our club was to create a gingerbread kyudojo with gingerbread archers. Over the course of two weeks, preparations were made until finally, it was construction day. With the raw materials completed, the team ran over the planned layout.

Assembly required several steps which included the building of a frame, modelling the small pieces, and final decoration.  The team worked meticulously for over 3 hours, eventually coming up with a prize worthy arrangement.

With the final product settling in place, the construction team were joined by some "taste-testers".

Our dojo reporters, Hanna and Raymond, provided an in-depth look at the completed project.

The next day was very exciting. The festival was scheduled to run from noon to 4pm, so we wanted to get our submission into the display area early enough for all participants to see and judge. 

Our Iaido class finished promptly at 3pm and we made our way to Kobayashi Hall. The ballots were already being counted, but luckily we were able to make our contributions! Three more votes for Seikyu Kai! =D

We crossed our fingers as the results were being announced and felt relieved and excited when the fourth, fifth , and sixth place competitors were called up on stage. Even with thirteen other entrants, we felt confident that we'd manage a spot in the top 3. And then our number was called! Third Place! An excellent result for our first time in the competition. 

Of course, now that we know who we're up against, we know how to beat them. >:)

Go Seikyu Kai!

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