Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Family Day in Ottawa

We spent the February long weekend in our nation's capital visiting family. Hanna's parents live in the North East area of Ottawa, not too far from Parliament Hill, while my cousin, Remy, lives closer to Barhaven, just south of Nepean.

The weather was as mild as it was in Toronto, so unfortunately, the city had to close Winterlude early. We normally take advantage of this time of year to do some skating on the Ottawa canal, but I really can't complain at the above average temperatures.

We also took the opportunity to attend an Iaido class at the Tateyama club lead by David Green-Sensei (Iaido 6 Dan). The dojo has a clean, but rather slippery floor with a long, full-height mirror along the entrance. A small window allows those in the foyer a nice view of the classes that could easily fit 10-12 iaidoka at one time. 

Green-Sensei often visits Toronto for large seminars and the annual gradings, and you can be sure he'll be there in Guelph, manning the registration desk and taking your money =)

Overall, a pleasant and relaxing trip.

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