Monday, 13 February 2012

Weekend Activities: February 11/12

We had quite an exciting two days of martial arts this weekend!  =D

Kyudo - The 4th Seikyu Kai Introductory course is more than half-way complete and progress has been quite spectacular. After several weeks of Gomu-yumi, Subiki, and Taihai practice, this hard working group of beginners finally took their very first shots. The excitement was palpable, and their smiles revealed how pleased they were on Yukiko's announcement as the class was about to start. It's a real testament to the efforts of our Sensei and assistants, to constantly tinker and upgrade the way the introductory class is taught, so each student can make the most of their limited class time.

Kung Fu - A Valentine's/Birthday party was held at Chung's Martial Arts Academy on Saturday night and it was quite the kidfest. ^_^ Partnering with the Marketing Network, guests were treated to delicious food, a lion dance demonstration, and quite a few games for the children. This event was a great example of how martial arts clubs can be as much a place for fun and community building, as they are for physical and mental training. As this year continues, we're looking forward to getting to know our fellow brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles (...sounds strange to say that in English =P), and the greater kung fu community.

Iaido - Back by popular demand, after a year of absence, Mu Mon Kai once again hosted our bi-annual Tameshigiri Seminar. Over 25 participants from Toronto, St. Catharines, and Guelph came out on this snowy Sunday to test their cutting on rolled-up tatami. Like the Kyudo class, there were a few individuals who have never used a sharpened blade. But with careful guidance from our Sensei and seniors, they succeeded quite nicely and departed with a new found taste for straw mats. Over the course of the afternoon, participants were treated to amazing displays of precision and power from the more experienced cutters, and they sure put on quite a show. It even seemed to encourage some people to browse the various shinken and iaito that were being sold by SDK Supplies and Dynasty Forge. As the seminar wrapped up with a pair of competitions, and Ohmi-Sensei calling out winners based on who would buy him beer (semi-kidding =P), we celebrated with food and drink at Tako Sushi.

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