Monday, 17 October 2011

Funday Monday! Series #3-1 The Legend of Gan-Ryu continues...

I learned of this second incursion from murmurs of the local tribesmen. Their hysteria was justified, as never in recorded history had anyone made it out of Gan territory alive. My investigation into this case began with a survivor's recount of one fateful day:

"I was sitting, waiting. I knew he would come, but I wasn't ready for his speed. His sword was out and above his head between blinks of an eye. At that moment, I knew what I had to do. Inazuma! There was no time for me to draw and fight, this was my only chance! I would slit his wrists as he brought down his sword, nullifying his attack and rending him harmless all in one motion...."

He shakes his head as if, even now, he could not believe what happened.

"My aim was true! It should have worked! The just hung there. Even if he was quick, there would be at least a second where neither of his hands were holding on. The sword should have fallen, but it didn't...."

I could not gleam anymore useful information from the man. The trauma was too great. I watched the video over a hundred times and still could not figure out what happened. Perhaps this man, this.... Gan, is the legend...

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