Monday, 31 October 2011

Funday Monday! Series #3-3 Tiger's Step

A dual between martial arts masters often end the same way. The person that attacks first, loses......

What!? Let me explain:

A the highest level of combat, it is all about finding the openings and exploiting said weak points. The problem is, masters are able to control themselves so that they are ready for anything while keeping their bodies and their minds completely still. An "attack" requires a decision and a movement which, temporarily, creates an opening. It is this instance that an opponent can maneuver to their own advantage.

So far we've seen both defeated expedition members suffer from taking the initiative. It is completely plausible that the mysterious Gan was able to counter their attacks with pure skill. This line of thinking lead me to the recovered footage of the Eishin-Ryu technique: Tora no Issoku.

One of the leaders of the expedition was also one of the greatest Iaidoka of our generation. His ability to show not openings, no weaknesses, was legendary. It was even clear from the video that the Gan had no choice but to initiate the attack. This was as planned. The expedition leader blocked the initial attack beautifully and there was the opening! All he had to do was follow through into a vertical cut. The Gan would not see it coming...... 

We would not see it coming....

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