Monday, 7 November 2011

Funday Monday! Series #3-4 Drifting Clouds

I continued my journey through the beautiful wilderness - taking in the sounds and smells of the natural forest surrounding Gan territory.  The sun was barely over the horizon and the morning mist was still thick, creating an aura of mystery and the sense that there is something about to be discovered.

The natives had told me of an abandoned campsite that might provide me more insight into the circumstances that resulted in the loss of some of the Japanese emperor's best samurai.  An incomplete log was recovered a few days earlier detailing a possible truce with the Gan. The results were disastrous.....

Captain Kobayashi, I regret to inform you that our attempt to negotiate a treaty between our empire and the legendary Gan was  unsuccessful. It seemed we were making progress. Hosaki and I had him over for a tea ceremony and our talks were mostly positive. It was only due to the training you had provided us that I noticed something was wrong.

Hosaki was sitting between us and was unarmed as a sign of good faith. Taking advantage of this, the Gan reached across him for my sword. I was able to pull it away just in time, and with Hosaki holding him off, I proceeded to push my friend aside to attack the Gan's shoulder. Except that wasn't what happened! Somehow, someway, Hosaki was back in front. As I watched him go down from my own blade, I was myself, gravely wounded. It pains me to have to send you this news my captain. I hope that in death, I may regain my honour.

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