Monday, 28 November 2011

Funday Monday! Series #3-6 Returning Scales

The forest of Ku was full of life. Calls of exotic birds and the howling of much larger animals could easily be heard from as far away as Mt. Kuya. A place that, for now, was the only thing that existed for two people sitting at the edge, looking over the vast land of the Gan. The constant sounds and motions presented a stark contrast to the figures sitting motionless, as if they were statues carved by the very rock they rested on. An onlooker would easily be fooled if not for the tension that permeated the air around them. 

Suddenly, with a flash of movement, it was all over. Mixed in with the sounds of the wild, one could hear a man's scream as he plummeted 3,478 meters into the valley below.

It started like Yokogumo, the Gan easily avoided Hiroshi's initial strikes to the head, somehow stopping the blade through pure thought alone. As the apparent finishing blow came across, it turned out that the Gan was not the only warrior trained in the power of the ancients. Hiroshi was able to summon his own phantom sword to save his life, unfortunately, he relaxed too soon. With a swift push of his hand, the Gan summoned what could only be describe as a "force" that sent the hapless samurai over the cliff.

And just like that, the mountain was quiet again. With nothing but the wind whistling across it's wide expanse, no signs remained of the two warriors who challenged their own destiny this day.

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