Monday, 14 November 2011

Funday Monday! Series #3-5 Mountain Wind

...The failure of Ukigumo was astounding! The Gan had lost his advantage when his grab was avoided and it became a two-on-one scenario. I racked my brain trying to find a rational explanation for the turn around when it suddenly came to me.  One of the local villagers had retrieved a video along the shore of the river Hamasaki. The winter had been rough and the resultant spring melt washed down many things from the mountains that surrounded Gan territory.

A scattering of clothes and weapons were all that was left of the expedition until now. I was excited to get another opportunity to examine real footage of the encounters with the legend, but feared what I might uncover.

Sid was a well-toned samurai of medium height. His features were not unlike any of the previous members of the company who's fate he will soon share.  I was optimistic when the video started. Sid was resting in tatehiza when the Gan suddenly appeared to his right and attempted to grab his sword. A quick flick of the wrists and shift of weight was enough for Sid to avoid this attempt and to strike back. 

A solid hit between his eyes from the pommel of his sword was enough to knock him back. Sid's follow through was brilliant! Cutting down along the Gan's shoulder and forcing him into the ground. All that was necessary was finishing cut.  Even if he was to fail in the last attempt, Sid felt comfort that his partner Yoshi would be able to complete the job.  Yoshi was always dependable. He was always nearby....

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